Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jump Starting A New Record

The duo of Justin Johnson (of Pretty Little Empire) and Sarah Ross, The Jump Starts, officially released their latest album, What Hides Inside last night at Off Broadway and they brought all their friends from the record to help them.  The infectious music got the crowd moving as the band kept it loose and fun, which was the intent.  Johnson can get intense with his vocals and Ross’ lighter attitude and singing is a great contrast to that, on the album and certainly live. Running through all the songs from the record as well as a couple tunes from their first album, Ready, Set, Go, the band and the audience had a blast.  Check out some photos from the show and the setlist below.

1. Always Alone
2. How Long Did You Know?
3. Stop Guessing
4. Carryin' On (w/Jay Lewis)
5. Written On The Water (w/ Jay Lewis & Curt Brewer)
6. There You Are (w/Curt Brewer)
7. Lord Who Knows? (w/Curt Brewer)
8. Lie In Your Bed
9. Love You The Same
10. You Better
11. Don't Need Much (w/Melinda Cooper)
12. What Hides Inside (w/Melinda Cooper)
13. Stuck (w/Melinda Cooper & Ryan Albritton)
14. Last Time (w/Melinda  & Will Godfred)
15. Long Way Home
16. Long Walk Home
17. Daydream Believer (The Monkees cover)

18. Come Home, Come Home

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