Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pokey LaFarge & Co. Pop Up At The Mud House

The news broke on Facebook and Twitter Monday afternoon that Pokey LaFarge & his band would be playing a free surprise show somewhere in St. Louis the following day.  After all kinds of conjecture and rumors, from Off Broadway to The Lemp Brewery and beyond, finally on Tuesday morning the Tweet went out revealing the show would be out back at The Mud House on Cherokee St.  Perfect!

Treating it like an "open rehearsal,"  as Pokey said, the short show served as a warm up for the band before they head south to Austin as part of an official South by Southwest showcase this weekend.   It was also a chance for many in St. Louis to see the two newest members of the band, Chloe Feoranzo on Clarinet and TJ Muller on Trumpet.  They joined the original South City Three, Adam Hoskins, Ryan Koenig and Joey Glyn.

Eleven photographer Lee Kuehner snapped off a few photos from yesterday, enjoy!

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