Monday, November 4, 2013

Q&A with Robert DeLong

Robert DeLong at LouFest
Robert DeLong at LouFest 2013 — Photo by Jason Stoff

Recently, Eleven had a chance to catch up with Robert DeLong — you may remember his killer set from LouFest this year.

Eleven: You’ve been playing the festival circuit a lot this year. How’s that been treating you?

DeLong: Playing festivals is amazing! You get to expose your music to a whole slew of new kids that will (hopefully) spread the word, and you get to play on great sound systems.

Eleven: There’s a real melodicism to your music that I don’t always hear in EDM – do you try to make sure your stuff comes across as songs, not tracks?

DeLong: Most of these songs were written in a more indie songwriter environment, and then transplanted into EDM styles. I am always a big fan of any song that has a melodic element I can attach myself to, so I naturally write that way.

Eleven: Nice. Where did your interest in analog/digital manipulation – Wii remotes, joysticks, etc – come from?

DeLong: Nerding out alone in dark rooms, surfing the web and finding what people had been messing around with in their own dark rooms, and then taking those ideas and trying to make them accessible. Something like that.

Eleven: Do any bands really have your attention these days?

DeLong: Definitely. I like Ghost Beach, Cigarette Barbies, Smallpools, Bigtime Drugparty, and Frank’s Kitchensauce.

Eleven: Last one – what’s the strangest thing in your touring suitcase?

DeLong: Gold Bond.

Eleven: I think any festival enthusiast in the Midwest understands that one.

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  1. Awesome interview!! I can't wait to see him in Phoenix, AZ. Gonna be so sick!