Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Album Review: Hazard To Ya Booty, The Precipice

Low Tone Records

Hazard To Ya Booty is St. Louis’ best party band.  Even the most cynical among us can’t help but shake the body part they warn you about in the band’s name. On their latest release, The Precipice, there are no surprises—this is exactly what you expect, and want, from the band that rocks the party. From the funky, slapped bass notes of the title track ’til the last call to enjoy the simple things in life, The Precipice is a how-to guide on getting the most dancing into your life. 

Hazard has always been steeped in that river funk, the New Orleans sound that so often drifts upriver to St. Louis. You can smell the crawfish on this album and taste the Blackened Voodoo. 

The big problem that Hazard has always faced is the one that dogs all bands of their ilk: how do you recreate the hard-hitting, sweaty, booty-shaking, beer-soaked live shows in the studio? The Precipice can’t supply the stale beer, body heat, and rubbin up, but it does provide the soundtrack so you can get it on in a time and place of your own choosing. The groove they provide is hard and it doesn’t stop—now, getting it dirty, getting it real funky, is up to you and your crew. Hugh Scott

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