Friday, January 25, 2013

Your weekend is booked

St. Louis, sometimes you knock me out.

Have you heard about InFest STL yet? It's a two-day festival at 2720 on Cherokee Street focused on indie music. 2720's not necessarily the first venue I think of when I think of indie rock—and that's one reason this festival is such a pleasing surprise. The lineup on both days is totally legit, packed full of bands I've been wanting to see play together. Kudos to the team who put this thing together, and I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Here's the list of bands for tomorrow. There are two stages, upstairs and down, so there are a metric ton of acts:

3:20pm Burrowss
4:20pm Union Electric
5:20pm Send Money
6:20pm Music Embryo
7:20pm HUMDRUM
8:20pm Kid Scientist
9:20pm The Pass
10:20pm it!
11:20pm The Reverbs
12:20am Justin Torres' Loop Project

3pm Le' Ponds
4pm Eric Hall
5pm Dream Fox
6pm Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship
7pm Pretty Little Empire
8pm Sinfinis
9pm Ocean Rivals
10pm Franco-Hill
11pm 18andCounting
12am Goodness Gracious

See what I mean?! A couple of notes:
- Kid Scientist wrote and performed a rock opera last year. They're ambitious folks.
- Eric Hall is one of my favorite geniuses, instrumentally or otherwise.
- Ocean Rivals has some new songs. At last! Their first album, "Summer's Dogs," stands as one of my favorite STL albums of the last couple years, so new songs is very good news.
- If you haven't seen Franco-Hill yet, prepare to be impressed. The drummer has a casual mastery of his instrument that is inspiring, and the guitar/computer interface of the other guy is just killer. Thanks to Alexis for turning me onto them.
- Union Electric's been on a tear again, working up new songs and working towards some new releases.
- Pretty Little Empire has an EP in their back pocket that is going to make waves in 2013, just you wait.

I'll post Day Two tomorrow, but for now I suggest you come meet us down at 2720 and dance along to the celebration!

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