Friday, February 1, 2013

>> PREVIEW: Kishi Bashi, Plume Giant, Ross Christopher

Kishi Bashi, Plume Giant, Ross Christopher
Saturday, February 16

Who needs sex and violence when you could have sexy violins?! If you love four strings and f-holes, Firebird’s got you hooked up.

Truly a composer, Kishi Bashi builds walls of sound from scratch before your eyes in what can only be described as an ethereal experience. Singer, violinist, effects pedal master, and charming performer, he dropped dozens of folks’ jaws at his last STL appearance at Off Broadway in 2012 with Tall Tall Trees. If you’ve been to a Regina Spektor or Of Montreal show in their last few tours, you’ve most likely heard his work, as he’s been the touring violinist with both between his own solo outings.

Ross Christopher’s influences are like the stack of CDs in the car of that upperclassman you thought was so dreamy back in high school—Dave Matthews, U2, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin. Despite the seemingly cliché list, you haven’t seen anyone do what he does. Innocuous at first, he often starts with thick, rich acoustic guitar riffs and sincere yet simple, strong vocals. With those basic elements looped, he trades out his guitar for a violin, and starts all over again. Expect some wicked violin solos and strings, at times so distorted and sonically manipulated you’ll go, “Wait, is that still the violin doing that?”

Brooklyn trio Plume Giant is made of equal parts strings, vocal harmonies and random musical objects. Their jazz-influenced Americana pop will warm your insides, STL February be damned. I recommend bringing a friend to this show, just so you have someone to hug or hold hands with and skip around after Plume Giant’s set. They’ll make you feel all right.
Suzie Gilb

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