Sunday, October 7, 2012

John Cusack relives old glories with Peter Gabriel in LA

I may be old, but for everyone my age, there are very few scenes in movies as iconic as Lloyd Dobler standing outside Diane Court's bedroom with a boom box blasting Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes". It's a completely cheesy and completely unrealistic...but it's not. Every guy in the world has thought about doing something that dumb and every woman in the world has dreamed of it happening to them. Of course, if it did happen, I think the odds are greater the girl would have the guy arrested than invite him to travel to Europe with her when she leaves for her scholarship. Last night at Peter Gariel's show in LA, John Cusack joined him on stage briefly and presented him with a boom box like the one he held over his head all those years ago. Pretty cool.
Photo credit: Timothy Norris

Some more fun facts (or possibly myths) about the scene. The rumors have always been that director Cameron Crowe wanted to use a Replacements song, "Within Your Reach", but the movie studio requested "In Your Eyes". Without "In Your Eyes" the scene might not have been as iconic, but it would've been a more realistic choice that Lloyd (or Cusack) would have made. After all, the other rumor is that Cusack was playing Fishbone through the radio as he filmed it.


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