Thursday, October 25, 2012

PREVIEW: Sunday Night At The Opera With Primus

Huey Lewis once said “Hey we’re just another San Francisco band that just wants to play music” – or something like that.  Primus is too.  More than 25 years into their career they have dodged labels and reinvented themselves so often that they truly reflect the influences of the Bay Area that produced them.  One of Les Claypool’s feet is stomping in thrash and hardcore while the other floats somewhere above and around the trippy psychedelic sound the spawned the 60’s Bay Area sound.  Sometimes Primus wants to plant their foot in your head and sometimes they want to blow it off clean your shoulders.    Claypool himself is a half mad carnival barker and virtuoso bass player.   Larry LeLonde is the laid back guitar player and foil to Les’ manic act.  Jay Lane is the latest (and indeed, original) in a line of drummers all who pounded a wicked backbeat while they tried to keep up with Les. 

Sunday night, they are bringing the latest incarnation of their circus to The Peabody Opera House and this one is a doozy.   With the Blues sitting this fall out, Primus is sure to rattle the building next door like Blues fans would in a game seven against the Red Wings.   But that’s not all!  They are also bringing a 3D screen show and quadraphonic sound that is sure to lift the building like a 1969 Grateful Dead show would have.   It’s going to produce two solid sets of hand banging and hippie twirling – with 3D glasses!

Primus playing last year at Bonnaroo. In 2D

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