Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Baseball Project 7"

Baseball Project 7" with lenticular cover
The Cards just did it! Yay, sports! Okay, so let me just say that I am not a sports fan – which is a statement that can be downright blasphemous in this town – but I do enjoy when our home team wins (even if I couldn’t sit through a whole game if my life depended on it). After working in a record store as long as I have, I've noticed there's a strong connection between music, musicians, and baseball. A good chunk of the old school record store employees are sports fanatics, keeping up with every detail of the game they love (and not just for their fantasy sports teams). That's what formed the basis for The Baseball Project - a baseball themed super group featuring Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn and Linda Pitmon - stepped up to the plate at Euclid Records NOLA to record songs that would appear on the first 7-inch release from Euclid's sister store in the Bywater. Side 1 features the fun rockin' "El Hombre", which is an exclusive track about former Cardinal great Albert Pujols and his illustrious career with the Red Birds. On the flip side is "Harvey Haddix", the story of a Pirate who pitched twelve perfect innings, only to give it all up in the thirteenth, missing his chance of being listed alongside all those who did in baseball history. The live version featured on this single updates the lyrics to include pitchers who joined the club since initial studio recording was made. As with all the Euclid Sessions 45 Series, a portion of the proceeds go to a charitable cause, and are limited editions, so pick one up before it’s too late! Go Birdnals!  
by Jack Probst 

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